Brow and Lash Treatments




Tinting is a color service that uses semi-permanent dye to enhance brow color. Enhance light-coloured brows and lashes without the daily use of pencils or mascara. Tinting instantly makes you groomed and structured. There is a range of color options that make darker to little color boost. Tinting is ideal for pale, fine Renaissance brows and lashes, a darker tint can also provide extra definition for light eyes.

Brow Tinting – $ 27
Brow Tinting Henna – $ 40
Eyebrow Touch-up and Tinting – $ 38
Lash Tinting – $ 27



Lash lift is a new method of lash perming or curling. lash lift sets the shape of your natural lashes upward and realistic curl. This will last 6 to 12 weeks.

Lash Lift – $ 80
Lash lift and Tinting – $ 100