Ayurvedic Facial Treatments



Shankara – Nurture Oxygenating Facial (50 Min) – $95

This oxygenating treatment restores skin to its natural glow. The damaging effects of smoking, pollution and other harsh environmental factors, leave skin dull and lifeless. Red and white clay, combined with Manjistha, deliver essential nutrients that stimulate circulation, and improve skin tone.

Shankara Facial – Oily/Kapha (50 Min) – $85

Kapha skin is thick, smooth, naturally oily and cool to the touch. When out of balance, Kapha skin can have deep open pores, an over-secretion of oil, and a tendency towards congestion, water retention and acne.

The Kapha Collection is designed to balance, hydrate, control oil, and gently stimulate and warm the skin. This facial will use the orange colored collection of the Shankara Retail Line.

**This facial is also designed for youthful adult skin.**

Shankara Aromatherapy Facial (80 Min) – $105

Shankara brings the world of essential oils to your customized facial experience. Feel tension melt away as your choice of natural, hand-blended oils are massaged into your skin. Tantalize your senses and revitalize your skin with this truly blissful experience.

Shankara Anti-Age Facial – Normal/Sensitive/Combo/Pitta (80 Min) – $125

The key elements of this skin type are: warm, supple, smooth, possible oily T-zone, and may react to stimulation with redness or broken capillaries. Pitta skin can also be dry due to excess heat, but unlike Vata skin, will feel warm and sensitive.

The Pitta Collection is designed to cool and purify the skin, provide nourishment and hydration, and reduce and protect the skin’s sensitivity. This facial can also be used during the summer months, to help restore balance due to sun damage, sun burn, or excess oil production. This facial will use the green colored collection of the Shakara Retail Line.