Project Description


Precision cosmeceutical solutions for all beauty requirements.

Derma Cellular: Is a high-tech skincare line designed to provide solutions to specific beauty problems. Whether it is a matter of age spots, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, pigment changes or stressed skin with a tired, dull complexion – the highly concentrated special products, which are designed to support the skin’s metabolism, promote cell renewal and increase elasticity, improve the appearance of the skin after even a short period of application, with results you can see and feel.

Brightening Cellular: Intensive treatment for brighter, more even skin tone.

Repair Cellular: Is a highly efficient skincare line for the targeted, intensive regeneration of damaged cell structure. The high-tech products support the skin effectively during recovery from daily environmental stressors as well as from impairments due to exceptional stress situations (wounds, burns, surgical interventions). Given the impressive results achieved in effective skin regeneration, particularly with regard to scar tissue, the products are ideally suited for cosmetic pre- and post-operative care and for the care of the skin after high-tech cosmetic treatments (microdermabrasion, micro-needling or fruit acid peels).

Refine Cellular: Is a new wave of skin care products dedicated to camouflaging, shrinking, and eradicating every last pour, creating a more even and refined skin tone. Specific products performing for a complexion more uniform, purer and younger. Reduction of hyper-pigmentation, less brown spots, less rosacea, pores retightened and smooth skin.